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Everybody that engages in football betting looks forward to winning good amount of money. The real philosophy of betting rallies around flawless calculation of the procedures and putting your money on the right bet and at the right time. Taking a closer look at the overall money management for football betting sites enables maximum betting gain where gamblers are protected from huge loss. The advantage of taking careful steps in dealing with betting rules is extremely massive while staking your money needs proper precautions. It is no more a news that betting houses have edges over bettors but there are many ways we can avoid huge and persistence loss. By having deep knowledge of basis principles of money management for football betting sites, a person can easy turn the table around by accumulating regular success when betting on latest launched betsites.

In order to get better returns on each bet, it’s quite advisable to go for multiple bookies and bet at best prices so as to maximize your chances. However, it is widely agreed that punters occasionally loose money to bookmakers due to poor financial management. Of course every betting house needs to look for any possible means of winning in order to keep the business running. In this case, they tend to increase the betting prices on regular basis to encourage gamblers to put in more money. This strategy of money management for football betting sites is aimed at emptying the account of reckless punters who find in difficult to manage their fund well or who are just ignorant on how to bet effectively without falling prey to the wrath of huge loss. Notwithstanding, professional punters know quite well that the good price stake by bookmakers attracts large number of bets and of course good occasion for those who have adequate know-how in football betting to win big. Though sometimes it’s not necessary to get carried away by the huge sum of money stake by bookmakers but if one could remain disciplined and focused, it will be well!

Scratch Ticket from NetEnt: Boring but effective

Virtual scratch cards are not very entertaining games. They have no flashing lights, no spinning reels, no cards or dice to watch out for. Players just pick a scratch card, rub off the squares, and hope to win.

Scratch Ticket from Net Entertainment is one of these games. Players can choose from four different tools to scratch off their ticket (a coin, a hair pin, a key fob, or a ring), but that’s about as exciting as this game gets. In fact, you don’t even have to scratch off the squares by hand, you can hit the “scratch all” button to have reveal your ticket instantly.

But as simple as this game is, it is does its job well. And what’s its job? To help you win money of course! The simplicity of the game means it runs perfectly on even the oldest, slowest netbook computer. Cards cost $2 each, and can pay out anything from $2 to $30,000.

The exact odds of winning are shown in the paytable – out of 1 million tickets sold, for example, more than a third of them are $2 winners, while just one pays out the big $30,000 prize.

Scratch Ticket can be played for free right here, or for real money over at This Net Entertainment gambling site is 100% no download, and offers dozens of great games to try out, many of which can be played for free. Sign up now to grab a $100 welcome bonus, then buy a few scratch cards for your chance to win.

Microgaming’s Cash ‘n’ Curry slot is hot on

After looking at the disappointing results produced when trying to play the new Microgaming video slot Lady in Red on the Netbook, it’s time to return to a classic produced by the same company: Cash ‘n’ Curry, an old-fashioned pub slot-style three-reel game quite popular at recent launched casino sites.

Set in the world of the Indian restaurant, Cash ‘n’ Curry carries those features so loved by those who are fans of the fruit machines of old: There are nudges and holds constantly coming up in this colorfully-rendered slot.

Enter a funny and exciting bonus round by lining three red, green and yellow chile icons that occasionally turn up on the reels. In here, travel your way around a board lined with bonuses, big payouts and other features, but as you eat up the goodies make sure you have enough beer. If your “coolant level” reaches zero, the bonus round is over and the rewards nil. (“Sorry, sir!” our waiter might apologetically say.)

And the best thing about Cash ‘n’ Curry for our purposes is that it transfers absolutely perfectly to the small screen of the Netbook. The spinning reels become conveniently centered when playing on a Netbook and once again, the superiority of Microgaming’s traditional slot format shines through with no loss of graphics and no need for squinting to enjoy this slot on the smallest display.

Sign up with All Jackpots Casino to give the excellent Cash ‘n’ Curry some spins – register today to get a big slot game bonus of 100% match on first three deposits for up to $525 in free playing money. And the All Jackpots Casino flash version supports nearly 300 casino games, including over 200 online slot games.

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