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Corporate Explainer Videos

explainer3dHaving a great product or service is one thing, but it’s entirely different to convince customers that your product or service is great indeed. To do this, you need an explainer video that quickly tells what your company can do and what service or product answers customers ‘need. It’s the quickest way to make an audience impact that expresses all the information that your customer needs to make a decision. It compresses and simplifies lengthy and complex ideas into short and viewer-friendly video giving the viewers a better understanding of what the company does and why they need your products or services.

Corporate explainer videos are short and informative, taking advantage of viewer’s short attention span. The information provided are detailed enough to excite customers, and, with the right call-to-action, buy your product or service.

Corporate explainer videos are effective when placed on the homepage, landing page or on a particular product page. The effectiveness of explainer videos to boost sales is a known fact but companies are not so sure of what type of explainer video to create that is suitable for a particular product or service. Some types of explainer videos to use are 2D explainer videos, 3D explainer videos and live action explainer videos.

2D expander videos are the most popular, the quickest to do, and the most cost effective. These videos are very effective and versatile enough to unleash the creativity of the animator. On the other hand, a 3D explainer video takes a lot time to produce and quite expensive. Since 3D animation has multiple perspectives, it has video impact and portrays a company or brand as modern and innovative.

Explainer videos are not only in animation; there’s live action explainer video that requires an actor or actress and setup like crew, equipment and location. It’s a bit expensive to produce but works well for companies, products or services that require it.

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